Top MN Wedding Resorts

Minnesota offers many opportunities for beautiful wedding ceremonies. By choosing an informed wedding planner in Minnesota, you can find out just what the hot spots are for weddings, or where to go for a private, more secluded Minnesota Wedding. Locations include hotel and banquet facilities for indoor weddings, or more adventurous outdoor resort areas for a beach wedding in Minnesota.

Minneapolis Highway 35W in Minneapolis.

A wedding planner in Minnesota can help you learn about all of your available options. However, two of the most sought after locations for Minnesota wedding arrangements are Blue Fin Bay Family of Resorts and Cragun's Resort and Hotel on Gull Lake. Often these destinations are booked up to a year in advance, so if these locations appeal to you its good to temporarily reserve a spot while deciding on which wedding planner in Minnesota you will go to. However, if your Minnesota wedding is something that can't wait six months to a year to take place, then a wedding planner in Minnesota can offer you alternate locations that will provide the bride and groom with just as special of a day whether they choose a traditional indoor church wedding or a more free spirited beach wedding in Minnesota. The wonderful thing about a Minnesota wedding is that it offers something for everyone whether you are having a first time marriage, or are on your third wedding.

Find A Wedding Planner In Minnesota

Two of the most sought after wedding planner services in Minnesota are Red Letter Events and At Your Service Weddings. Finding a wedding planner in Minnesota isn't all that difficult because it is a popular destination for Minnesota resorts for wedding accommodations. However, finding a quality wedding planner in Minnesota who knows all your options is another thing. Both Red Letter Events and At Your Service Weddings offer pre-arranged wedding packages based on popular choices and can also provide a truly unique wedding experience for you based on your individual needs and desire.

Red Letter Events

You can access the Red Letter Events website at http://www.redlettereventsmn.com/. If you're trying to find a wedding planner in Minnesota, Red Letter Events is one of the more popular services. Red Letter Events want the bride and groom to have a "Red Letter Day" and know that sometimes the task of planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. They offer four standard Minnesota wedding packages: Simply Red, Truly Red, Inspired Red, and "Red Letter Day" which may suit your needs and budget. However, Red Letter Events also offers ala carte services as well as creating special Minnesota wedding packages unique to your event.

At Your Service Weddings

Another popular wedding planner in Minnesota is At Your Service Weddings. You can access their full website at http://www.atyourserviceweddings.com/. At Your Service Weddings states that they offer a Red Carpet experience without the Red Carpet pricing. Services they offer for Minnesota wedding arrangements include hourly consulting, decorating set up and midnight tear down service. You can also opt for the Wedding Day Survival Kit or the popular Wedding Reception Survival kit from At Your Service Weddings.

Minnesota Resorts For Wedding Arrangements

A beach wedding in Minnesota often occurs on a lake or a bay area, because they are so many plentiful water features in the area. Blue Fin Bay and Cragun's Resort and Hotel on Gull Lake are two of the most popular Minnesota wedding destinations to have a beach wedding. However, they also service winter and year round wedding ceremonies for couples and their guests. You can learn more about Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts and Cragun's Resort and Hotel on Gull Lake below.

Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts

At http://bluefinbay.com/events/events.html you can learn why Bluefin Bay is one of the favorite Minnesota Resorts for wedding arrangements. Bluefin bay offers three distinct areas to host your wedding. You can have a beach wedding in Minnesota in the cozy private cove along the shoreline, have an indoor candlelight reception in the Lakeside Ballroom or go for an outdoor reception at the private deck which overlooks the lake. Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts specializes in Minnesota wedding arrangements geared to 100 people or less and offer many different services. You can choose from three preset Minnesota Wedding packages: Wedding Day, Superior, and Grand Wedding Package, or you can choose from services such as catering, menu creation and guestroom lodging assistance or room blocks to create your own unique stay at Bluefin Bay.

Cragun's Resort And Hotel On Gull Lake

Cragun's Resort And Hotel on Gull Lake offers year round wedding services, but with unique seasonal accommodations to enhance your wedding experience. Cragun's Legacy Clubhouse overlooks Cragun's Legacy Golf Courses and has the nearby Legacy Pavilion to accommodate receptions. However, if you'd rather have an outdoor Minnesota wedding experience, the willow trees that line the yard heading down to Gull Lake are a perfect picture taking opportunity to have a beach wedding in Minnesota.

Cragun's is well known as place for Destination Wedding Weekends. These often include a Beach BBQ for the Groom's Dinner and mini-retreat for the Bridal Part at Cragun's Gull Lake Spa and an informal golf outing for wedding attendees. You can add even more fun and luxury to your wedding ceremony with horse drawn carriages and dancing.

If you don't want to have a beach wedding in Minnesota, but prefer the winter snows then Cragun's wedding planners can also create the perfect winter wedding for you. You will also save a bit on off-season weddings due to price reductions, but that doesn't mean sacrificing your image of the perfect wedding. Some of the ways that Cragun's makes winter weddings special include bonfires with hot chocolate and marshmallow roasting, nature pine boughs and twigs for wintery décor and specially sculpted ice candles. You can also indulge in fireworks in the snow which are a very popular wedding attraction at Cragun's. To learn about the full spectrum of Minnesota wedding services available at Cragun's please visit their website at http://craguns.com/special_events/wedding.html.

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