Discounted Engagement Rings

When a couple decides to take the plunge and get engaged, one of their first thoughts tends to be finding affordable engagement rings. With the wide selection of rings out there, it can be hard to find inexpensive engagement rings, but it doesn't have to be. All it takes is a little determination, and the ability to be open minded.

Many couples make the mistake of limiting themselves to only one choice. The woman has a picture of the perfect ring in her mind, and is unwilling to compromise on that ring. Unfortunately, she may miss out on dozens of other great rings, simply because she isn't willing to choose something different. Those couples that are willing to keep an open mind are more likely to find a better deal.

Discount engagement rings can be found from a number of sources, including some online sources. Ebay.com, and craigslist.org are an excellent place to begin a search, as they offer items from a variety of sellers. Even if the ring isn't the right size, couples may find they can save money by having the ring resized, rather than buying a more expensive ring.

Reasons For Discounts

Inexpensive engagement rings are often available at a discounted price because of a small flaw in the ring. This can be a flaw in the diamond, the setting, or even the band. Jewelers will often tell you these things up front, but you can also ask why the price is so low.

In some cases, you may find that someone else's misfortune is your gain. Take for instance the couple that realizes they just aren't the right fit, or the couple that calls off their engagement for another reason. They then list this ring online for sale, at a significant discount. Their problem may be just the thing that helps you find a great deal.

Shoppers may also find affordable engagement rings at stores that buy in bulk. These rings are often of high quality, but have a reduced price because the jeweler received a discount when buying. In some cases, the jeweler may lower the price of their rings because the style has changed, or the ring is older and hasn't yet sold.

Things To Look For

When shopping for an inexpensive engagement ring, where you shop is as important as the ring itself. While some couples stick to reputable jewelry stores, or those in shopping malls, others may look for a less expensive route. They decide to look at consignment shops, vintage stores, and even pawnshops. While there are great discounts to be found at those stores, there are a few things to look for.

The shop itself should be in a good location, and provide receipts or proof of sale slips for all purchases. The owner should also be available to answer any questions you may have before buying the ring. If the owner seems evasive or quiet, they may be hiding something. Shoppers should also look for sales people who are helpful and friendly, without being overpowering or pushy.

Features To Look For

Once it comes time to look for a discount engagement ring, couples should look at the features of the ring. Larger diamonds that have a small price tag are likely to have a large flaw in the center, or not be a real diamond. To ensure it is a quality piece, shoppers should ask for information and even have the ring appraised.

When buying an older, or used, engagement ring, couples should check the setting and band. The setting should be strong enough to prevent the stone from falling out, and the band should be clean and free of damage. There are also situations where the band may have an inscription on it, from its previous owner. It may take more money to have these problems fixed.

Things To Watch For

When shopping for discount engagement rings, the most important thing to look for, or watch for, is the person selling the rings. There are some scam artists out there who sell stolen merchandise, and even if you are unaware of it, you may be considered an accessory to the theft. This happens more often than you would think with pawnshops.

Couples who are trying to find the best deals on inexpensive engagement rings are often tempted to shop consignment stores or pawnshops. They hope to find a beautiful ring at a small price, and possibly even find a vintage ring. As soon as they find the perfect ring, they make the purchase without giving it a second thought.

Prior to buying that ring, it is important to ask for a bill of sale, or some type of receipt to prove that it is not stolen. It is also worthwhile to trust your instincts, and leave any store that makes you feel uncomfortable. If the deal feels too good to be true, the odds are good that it probably is. Trust your instincts, and you can't go wrong.

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