Current Engagement Ring Set Trends

Engagement ring sets; you have so much to choose from! How do you know what engagement ring sets are the right choice for you? In truth, if you really know the person you are going to marry, you can easily find engagement ring sets that she is going to adore. You have a choice of stones, cuts, designs, bands, metals, and ring structures. Undoubtedly, there is a unique design that you will intuitively know is the perfect engagement ring set when you see it!

Engagement Wedding Ring Sets and Options

Engagement wedding ring sets are lovely in terms of design. If you are seeking engagement wedding ring sets with gems that have a specific kind of cut, you can shop online for engagement wedding rings sets that have a princess cut diamond or gem, a Marquise cut, a heart shaped cut, an emerald cut, an oval cut, or a round cut. Most traditional engagement wedding ring sets offer diamonds in the rings setting, but you can choose from other precious and semi precious gem offerings. You might want an engagement ring set with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or opals, or you might want something less traditional like amethyst, fire opals, amber, jade, quartz, or other beautiful stones.

Engagement ring sets are also offered with a variety of metals including gold of various karats, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. The metals may have ornate and decorative designs, stones might be embedded in the bands, or bands can be simple and plain but equally lovely. Clearly the complexity of the ring design, the type of gem you choose, the gem cut, and any ring ornamentations reflects on the overall cost of the engagement ring set. You can still find great prices on expensive engagement ring sets however, if you take time to shop around, to compare prices, and to look for the best deal on offer.

Popular Engagement Ring Sets: Stones and Cuts

When it comes to engagement ring sets and trends, the classic diamond can never be overlooked. The diamond stone, because of its hardness and impressive durability, stands as a long lasting and enduring symbol of undying love. There are some new trends that are adding a flare to the traditional diamond engagement ring sets however; now pink diamonds as well as conflict free diamonds are among the popular trends for couples looking to get engaged. Diamonds and other stones are commonly cut in an array of fashionable cuts including Princess cuts, heart cuts, oval cuts, square cuts, and more.

Rings with a lot of gemstones or a lot of diamonds mean a ring with a lot of sparkle value. These eye-catching, breath-taking engagement ring sets are becoming tremendously popular, just as larger settings and bigger stones are all the rage. Some of today's trendiest engagement ring sets have bands filled with gemstones and an engagement ring with an extra large stone surrounded by even smaller stones to accentuate it.

Popular Wedding Ring and Engagement Rings Sets and Layouts

Engagement ring sets are coming out with some super trendy layouts and band designs. The newest band designs have a twist and some of the bands have a swirling effect. These bands can be decorated with braids, Celtic knot work, ornate designs, and other gems. The engagement wedding ring sets have an engagement ring that swirls with a matching band that fits neatly together with the engagement ring.

Raised ring settings are all the rage these days and diamonds and other gemstones are raised above the band of the ring to make the ring really stand out when it is worn. The engagement ring with a raised diamond or stone is usually complemented by a plain band or a band that is less ornate than the engagement ring so that it does not subtract from the eye-catching and impressive beauty of the primary raised stone or stones in the entire wedding ring set.

Vintage engagement wedding ring sets are equally popular nowadays. Brides are far more appreciative of Victorian style jewelry and jewelry with an heirloom look. Likewise, colorful gems are becoming tremendously popular since these types of gems give engagement ring sets a totally unique flair; get sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, amber stones, and more: all which look lovely in the right kind of engagement ring sets and settings.
Popular Engagement Wedding Ring Sets and Metals

Engagement ring sets are presently sold in a variety of different metals. Do not think that you must buy and engagement ring set that is made of gold, especially if your bride to be will be more appreciative of a white gold ring. There are rose gold options, titanium bands, and platinum bands that are popular as well. Some brides might even prefer sterling silver. All of the different bands are usually easy to care for, to maintain, and to keep clean too. You will find that every engagement ring set is uniquely designed and bands can range from simplistic to extremely ornate. When it comes to the metal bands for engagement ring sets you can even have the rings engraved with expressions of love too!

Websites Where You Can Buy Bridal Engagement Ring Sets


PrimeStyle is a website offering a nice range of engagement ring sets and wedding ring set selections. The wedding ring an engagement ring sets on the site include rings with princess cut stones, round cut stones, and trendy diamond filled bands. Rings are offered in gold and a variety of other metals and you can even build and customize your own engagement ring set if you desire. For more information about PrimeStyle visit: http://www.primestyle.com/subcategories/.

Jewel Ocean

The Jewel Ocean website makes choosing wedding ring and engagement rings easy. You can choose from a solitaire engagement ring, an engagement ring set, or a ring with a multi-stone setting. You can also choose from white gold or yellow gold selections, and diamond cuts include round and princess cut selections. Ring bands are ornate or simple, gem filled or plain. The site offers free shipping, a lifetime warranty on purchases, and a 30 day return policy too. For more information about Jewel Ocean visit: http://www.jewelocean.com/bridalsets.php.


Overstock.com® has some wonderful selections when it comes to wedding rings and engagement ring sets, all at reasonable prices too. Overstock.com® sells bridal engagement ring sets in sizes 5, 6, 6.5, 7, and 8. Metal choices include two-tone, yellow gold and white gold selections. Diamond cuts for the bridal engagement ring sets include cuts like round, princess, cluster, trillion, and marquise. You can shop by diamond grades, price, or weights if you desire when you visit the site too. For more details on Overstock.com® visit: http://www.overstock.com/Jewelry-Watches/.

WeddingRings Depot

The WeddingRings Depot has some super excellent wedding ring selections. You can get wedding ring and engagement ring sets in 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, and in platinum too. The site has plain wedding bands, plain milgrain bands, top flat wedding rings, knife edge wedding rings, hand braided wedding rings, Celtic wedding rings, two tone wedding rings, designer white bands, designer yellow bands, men's diamond rings, ladies diamond rings, and Ladies semi mount rings. You can also shop for two piece diamond ring sets, religious rings, three piece diamond ring sets, diamond earrings, diamond ring and earring sets, cocktail rings, and you can shop by price for convenience. For more details about WeddingRings Depot visit:

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is a popular website when searching for a luxurious engagement ring set. The engagement ring set offerings on the site include rings with a variety of stone cuts including round, princess, Lucida®, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, cushion, and heart. Stone settings vary too and you can choose an engagement ring set with solitaire, a diamond band, a three stone setting, a pave setting or you can choose engagement ring sets with side stones that rest next to a larger single stone. The metals offered in the engagement ring sets on the site include Gold and Platinum selections. For more information about the engagement ring sets offered by Tiffany & Co. visit:


When looking for wedding ring and engagement ring sets you can also check out the Zales website. This company offers a variety of fine wedding ring and engagement ring sets. You can design your own selections, and the website offers you a jewelry shopping guide so that you can better understand your options. You can learn more about karat selection, the importance of stone clarity, stone cuts, and how to care for the rings selected. Visit Zales for more information at:


DeBeers has solitaire engagement ring selections as well as wedding bands that you can view and buy. You can match an engagement ring to any band instantly create your own unique wedding band set. Stones, settings, and cuts all vary, and you will find the selections offered by DeBeers intensely beautiful. You can choose from a single stone, three stone setting, side stone setting, and more. Visit DeBeers for more details at:

World Jewels

Bridal engagement rings sets are offered online at the World Jewels website. You can find solitaire engagement rings or bridal engagement rings sets of all varieties on the World Jewels website. In some instances the wedding ring and engagement ring sets offered on the site are reduced in price as much as fifty percent. You can find bridal engagement rings sets with round cut diamond rings, princess cut diamond rings, and more. At the site you can shop by price, the site offers a ring sizer, and there is information offered about the engagement rings offered too. World Jewels even offers a layaway program so you can pay for your ring over time. For more information on the wedding ring and engagement ring sets on World Jewels visit:

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile website will guide you through the process of choosing bridal engagement rings sets. When choosing wedding ring and engagement ring sets a variety of questions arise, and the Blue Nile website makes it easier to deal with common questions. You will learn how much you should be willing to spend on bridal engagement rings sets; you will get advice on how to choose a ring that your fiancée will adore, and you will find out more details about diamond selection. Blue Nile even offers tips on how to choose a jeweler, and inspires you with different proposal stories too! On the site, you have the option of building your own bridal engagement rings sets or you can shop from the fine selection that Blue Nile already offers in its catalog.


GoldMine.com has both men and women's wedding ring sets for sale. You can check out domed wedding band sets, Milgrain wedding band sets, flat wedding band sets, fancy bands, diamond wedding bands, two toned wedding bands, and titanium bands, Tungsten bands, carved rings, designer rings, handmade rings, and unique wedding bands on the site. Rings are offered in a variety of metals including white gold, yellow gold, and gold in differing karats including 14k and 18k. Rings are also sold in sterling silver, Titanium, Platinum, and Tungsten. Ring designs include simple plain bands or bands with braided decorations or Celtic knot work too. You can shop by your choice of metals or by price for convenience. You can pay for all of your orders securely online. For full details on all the rings that Goldmine.com has to offer, visit the website at: http://www.goldenmine.com/weddingrings/

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