Advantages of an All Inclusive Honeymoon Package

For a prepaid fee, honeymooners have everything provided to them for their honeymoon experience. On an all inclusive honeymoon honeymoon, travelers have their airfare, ground transportation, recreational activities, food, and accommodations covered by the fee that they pay before they take the trip. What an easy way to plan the perfect honeymoon!

What are the Advantages of an All Inclusive Honeymoon Package?

Of course, the biggest advantages that honeymooners have when they select an all inclusive honeymoon package are the fact that much of the hard work is done for them. After choosing a destination and a resort and paying for the package, almost everything else is provided for. Nevertheless, there are certain things that the couple will be responsible forógratuities are not always included in package deals, and extra cash for shopping or recreational activities not included in the package are the responsibility of the couple planning the honeymoon. In order to find the right all inclusive honeymoon vacation, couples will need to carefully review offers and choose the best deal that suits their needs.

What are some popular All Inclusive Honeymoon Vacation Packages?

Some popular all inclusive honeymoon vacation packages include trips to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and Asia. Many resorts like Sandals have fantastic honeymoon packages and there are packages that include beach home, condo, and villa accommodations. No matter where the couple wants to travel, there is an all inclusive honeymoon package just waiting for them! The accommodations in many all inclusive packages are truly amazing, with services that include rooms that have air conditioners, hair dryers, telephones, in-room service, satellite television, Internet access, and a vast number of amenities.

Are All Inclusive Honeymoons more Relaxing?

They certainly can be. Without the added stress of planning a honeymoon to every last detail, honeymooners can spend more time enjoying their special time together. With an all inclusive honeymoon much of the hard work is already taken care of and the honeymooners need to simply prepare for the extras that may not be included in the packages they are offered. In contrast, all inclusive honeymoons may leave some honeymooners worrying whether or not they forgot to plan for anythingówith the majority of the plans already handled, some honeymooners might fear that they are not going to be fully prepared to enjoy everything upon their arrival to their honeymoon destination. In such instances, it is wise for the honeymooners to question their travel agent about all of the particulars.

What Can You Expect on an All Inclusive Honeymoon?

Typically, an all inclusive honeymoon vacation includes accommodations, bar services at the location, airfare, basic meals, and the cost of recreational activities. Room service is often provided and bar service is offered, usually with no extra cost to the honeymooners. Things that can cause the price of the package to fluctuate include the size of the accommodations you choose, the location you choose, and special features offered with the rooms. Meanwhile, some recreational activities may cost the couple extra. For example, if the couple enjoys golfing they may find that they have free access to the greens, but will need to rent equipment (if they don't have their own) and they will also have to pay for caddies and the like. Spas offer certain services at no additional cost, while other services may require addition fees on top of what is paid for by the all inclusive honeymoon package.

Are you offered Options with All Inclusive Honeymoons?

You are offered several options when you choose to take advantage of all inclusive honeymoon packages. The couple can choose the destination, the accommodations, and many packages offer options at an additional fee. Again, conversing with the travel agent about options will help couples learn about what is readily available to them in terms of options. Some options include butler service, complete wedding packages (so that the couple can get married and honeymoon at the same location) stunning, exotic suites and the like.

Comparative Shopping is Important

When shopping for the all inclusive honeymoon package, honeymooners need to shop around and review several different package options. Using the Internet to find travel agents offering such packages proves to be a great resource for honeymooners. It allows them to readily compare the package prices, options and locations with the click of a mouse. Once several interesting options have been located, honeymooners shouldn't be afraid to question travel agents about their offerings. Careful research will ultimately result in a well-planned, perfect honeymoon at a price that the couple can easily and readily afford.

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