2nd Time Around Wedding Dress

Choosing the right 2nd time around wedding dress can be a challenge, but as with a first wedding, you should consider the formality of the event first. Today, rules about 2nd time wedding dress choices have relaxed considerably. You can even marry in a white Cinderella style dress for your 2nd time around wedding dress if you prefer and it suits the wedding style and environment. Your dress should also suit your personal style, your age, and your body type for the 2nd wedding dress with which you will be happiest.

2nd Wedding Dress Options

Your second wedding dress can be a formal gown with train and veil, or a very simple long sheath. Do avoid a blusher veil that covers the face; however, a veil down the back is completely acceptable. It can be white, ivory, beige or a pastel hue. If you prefer, you can even marry in a richly colored dress more suited to your personal tastes. Many 2nd time brides choose a dressy and tasteful suit for their 2nd time around wedding dress. An elegant suit or attractive cocktail dress offers a good choice that you may be able to wear again and again. Informal weddings are also popular for those remarrying. If you are looking for an informal 2nd wedding dress, you may find it worth checking the resort sections in your department store for a relaxed and comfortable, but still elegant 2nd time around wedding dress for your special day. A designer dress you have wanted but did not splurge on is also a fine choice for a 2nd time around wedding dress.

The Style for You

While the formality of your wedding is a major consideration when choosing a 2nd wedding dress, it is equally important that your dress suit your body and your personal style. Consider your best features and choose a 2nd wedding dress that accents those. Strapless dresses are particularly stylish currently, and can work well as a 2nd time around wedding dress for many body types. Consider adding a shawl or wrap if you prefer more coverage. Whether your dress is traditional and white or modern and vibrant, it should fit your wedding, your body and your style. Just as you would for a first wedding, bring along a friend to help honestly select your 2nd wedding dress.

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