Silk Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Often a bride can save money by choosing a simple silk flower altar piece that is mainly greenery with a few sprigs or blossoms thrown in to match the rest of the floral decor. An altar floral arrangement is used to decorate the altar in a church wedding setting. This is a focal point during a church wedding ceremony when the bride and groom are stating their vows in front of the altar and the entire church audience. By using flowers similar to the bride's bouquet and other decorations on church pews the alter piece can fit the wedding theme or colors. Since a silk flower alter piece will never wilt, the bride can save it as a momento.

Your altar silk floral arrangements are going to be placed at a distance from the guests. This means that the arrangement needs to be visually appealing from a distance. Often, the use of solid greenery with a few pops of bright color can be a wise choice. However, you may also want to consider creating a longer, or higher silk floral arrangement that will be noticed from a distance, even if your guests are at the back of the church. An altar arrangement may look large on your kitchen table or counter, but once it is placed on the actual altar in the church, it can get lost. So, the rule of thumb is bold, bright, and big for altar arrangements to maximize their effect.

For additional information on selecting silk floral arrangements for church altars, you might enjoy the article http://weddings.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Wedding_Flowers_for_Church_Altars at Love To Know. The article discusses types of silk floral arrangements such as vases, urns, cascades, Unity candle arrangements, and candle garlands. It also discusses tips for church altar silk floral arrangements, and making sure your church doesn't have any specific restrictions that you may accidentally violate with your floral arrangement. It is always best to check directly with church staff before investing in a floral arrangement for in-church use to make sure that you have met any restrictions or guidelines on size, shape, and contents. Some churches have strict floral policies, while others may be more liberal in their approach to altar decoration.

Unique Wedding Silk Floral Arrangements

For the do-it-yourself kind of bride, you don't have to settle for stock silk floral arrangements for your wedding. Unique silk floral arrangements can be created long before the wedding using floral foam, a pretty container, and your own creativity. Do it yourselfers will love the versatility of using silk flowers to create unique silk floral arrangements and designs. By purchasing individual silk flowers and greenery, you can create inexpensive silk floral arrangements that look as if they cost you lots of money, rather than just a concerted bit of time and a keen eye for floral arranging. Unique silk floral arrangements are an excellent choice if you have a non-traditional color to your event. For example, say you have a teal grouping of bridesmaid gowns, but want realistic looking white roses. Many types of silk flower arrangements, especially those crafted with polyester petals, can be stained along the edges with ink or fabric dye to create unique tipped edges at a much more affordable cost than if you were to purchase the silk flowers already dyed to specification.

Finding A Silk Floral Arrangement Online

Whether you are looking for small or large silk floral arrangements, below are some of the most popular websites and companies who offer silk floral arrangements for weddings and other occasions. You will find a selection of basic silk floral arrangements to elegant silk floral arrangements that look like real fresh cut flowers. However, one of the wonderful things about a silk floral arrangement is that it will last much longer than fresh cut floral arrangements and can provide a lasting keepsake of your special occasion.

One Of A Kind Creation Florist

At http://www.weddingflowers.bz/florals.htm, you will find a selection of unique centerpiece floral arrangements practical for special occasions and altar pieces. The centerpieces and silk floral arrangements offered at One Of A Kind Creation Florist are crafted of high quality silk flowers and look realistic. Topiaries and elevated silk floral arrangements are available along with smaller, simpler centerpieces and side table arrangements.

Bud To Blooms Silk Floral Arrangements

At http://www.budtoblooms.com/, you will find a collection of silk floral arrangements including silk flowers, silk plants, silk trees, silk topiaries, and even artificial cactus. The company uses high quality, lifelike materials, and Bud To Blooms offers free shipping on all silk floral orders over $100.00, making this a savings opportunity if you are outfitting a large event with silk floral arrangements such as a wedding ceremony or reception.

Buying Silk Flowers in Bulk

Silk flowers are also used by brides that want to create long lasting bridal bouquets and wedding decorations. Silk flowers are great for corsages and boutonnieres too. There are a number of companies that sell silk flowers with discounted prices online.

There are companies online that specialize in the sale of silk flowers that you can order in bulk; some companies focus on offering flowers for weddings, and others sell bulk flowers for craft purposes.

Although you can find true silk petals, many times flowers that are called silk floral are made from polyester or coated parchment which will give the silk floral arrangements a more lifelike appeal. Though not truly crafted of silk, these are still considered to be "silk" flowers in the floral industry. Stems may be plastic or wire, and you can combine a wide array of single flowers or clusters into a silk floral arrangement, or purchase silk floral arrangements that are already prepared.


Silk floral arrangements are good for allergy suffers.

Being hypoallergenic in most instances, silk floral arrangements are an excellent alternative for people who suffer from floral pollen allergies, or who will have guests attending that might have a similar difficulty. People are expected to cry at weddings, but you don't want to make your guest teary eyed from irritation from your flower choice. Silk floral arrangements are disease free, and they are nontoxic.

They are good for the environment.

Although they will last, they aren't a large burden on the environmental waste footprint either. This is because silk flowers don't wither away or degrade and are often kept as keepsakes or repurposed at other special occasions because of their extreme durability.

Arranging silk flowers is a fun do it yourself project.

Silk floral arrangements are also an excellent choice for people who are into the do-it-yourself movement. Arranging silk flowers is a fun do it yourself project that can be done with minimal cost, and will provide a beautiful arrangement that you can use time and time again, or create for that one special occasion where every little detail counts, such as a wedding ceremony. The longevity of silk flowers also lets a designer take his or her time completing creative projects, without the need to worry about how the condition of the flowers will be affected by time factors.

They are easy to take care of.

Caring for silk flower arrangements is also an easy matter. There are no weeding and dead heading procedures involved with silk flowers. There is also no need to remember to water silk flowers.

They look real.

They often look as good as the real thing. If you want beautiful flower arrangements that will look like real, fresh flowers you will be able to find some wonderful silk flower arrangements that are virtually identical to the real thing.

They will last for years.

They will last for years. Flower arrangements made from silk will certainly stand the test of time. The same cannot be said for real flowers which will only last for a week or so.

Silk Flowers are easy to clean.

They can be easily cleaned if they get dusty. Many of the silk flower arrangements that you can purchase can be cleaned if they attract dust. Take a look at the care instructions that come with the arrangement to see how you can do this at home.

Silk Flowers are a good long term investment.

Since they last longer than fresh flowers, they are an excellent value for money. If you want to have flowers in your home at all times you could be spending $40.00 or more per month for them. When you think that you can purchase silk flower arrangements for around $60.00 you can see how you can save money very quickly with them.

No Bugs.

Some types of fresh flowers can occasionally attract insects but silk flowers never will.

In addition to their many uses, discount bulk silk flowers can save money over the long term. Real flowers only last for a certain period before they die. Silk flowers can last for years, so they are ideal for creating bouquets and flower arrangements that will last a long time. Today, silk flowers are created with such precision that they look extremely realistic. Flowers can look so realistic that they can actually trick people into believing they are looking at real flowers. When someone shops online to buy bulk silk flowers, they can save hundreds of dollars on floral and decorative needs.

Silk flowers are far lighter than real flowers

Silk flowers are far lighter than real flowers, so they make an ideal arrangement for any bouquet. Silk flowers do not have to be fed or watered. They can simply be used as they are. Flowers made of silk do not fall apart, lose petals, and they are not as fragile as real blooms. Bulk silk flowers are ideal for professional florists looking to offer customers alternatives to real flowers, to hobbyists that like making floral designs, and to anyone interested in making long lasting, attractive, and professional looking floral arrangements.

The cost is not seasonal.

The cost of silk flowers is not influenced by availability, the upcoming holidays, or the season, whereas real flowers can fluctuate in price based on the time of year.


Some silk flowers don't look real

Some silk flowers don't look real or come off as tacky, but this is merely a matter of purchasing quality silk floral arrangements and not settling for anything less. Silk flowers are graded in a number system from one to six. If you purchase above a grade three, you will get a quality silk flower that looks real and is made with quality silk, polyester, or cotton petals that look and feel realistic. With some silk flowers, the stems will look artificial because they are molded from plastic. You can avoid this by purchasing silk floral arrangements online that have floral tape or silk wrapped about wire stems. These materials are designed to give the silk floral arrangements a true look of real flowers you would find growing in nature.

Sometimes the petals are dipped in latex which can be a problem for people who have a latex allergy.

One other disadvantage of silk floral arrangements is that sometimes the petals are dipped in latex to give them an added sheen and realism. This can be a problem for people who have a latex allergy, which is why silk flowers are hypoallergenic in most instances. If you have a latex allergy, you may not know that latex is what gave your silk floral arrangement such a lifelike appearance. The floral industry is not required to mark products containing latex, so if you do have an allergy to latex, especially a life threatening one, you will want to make sure that the silk floral arrangement you choose has soft silk petals rather than the thicker coated petals to be safe. There's no sense in having a beautiful ceremony with multiple aesthetically pleasing silk floral arrangements lining the wedding pews if your walk down that aisle will result in an emergency room visit because of latex exposure.

Find Discount Silk Floral Arrangements Online

Whether you are looking for wedding silk floral altar arrangements, or unique silk floral arrangements for another special occasion, this guide will help you. From basic small silk floral arrangement options to large silk floral arrangements, we've selected two of the most popular online websites and companies that offer this specialty item. You will even find elegant silk floral arrangements that will please even the most critical mother-in-law or family member who would prefer fresh cut flowers.

Silk Flowers Express

At http://www.silkflowersexpress.com/, you will find a popular web location for purchasing single silk flowers, silk floral arrangements, silk swags, and silk candle rings. Silk Flowers Express does indicate when a product is made with latex and has quality true to life photographs and descriptions of their products, which adds to their popularity. From greenery such as vines to exotic orchids with realistic roots, Silk Flowers Express offers a fabulous selection of quality silk floral arrangements.

Luxuries In Bloom

At http://www.luxuryinbloom.com/, you will find quality silk floral arrangements in some unique designs that aren't found elsewhere on the web. The exceptional selection of floral arrangements includes single stems, formal centerpieces, and larger arrangements including silk trees and naturalistic plants. Luxuries In Bloom is well known for their above and beyond customer service, and they will not stop serving graciously until the customer is satisfied. Their motto is "we won't rest until you're happy," but they are one of the most popular silk floral arrangements online websites because of their philosophy of exceptional customer service paired with exceptional products.

Silk Flowers

The Silk Flowers website is a great place to start your search for silk flower arrangements in a variety of different styles and designs. You can visit the website here http://www.silkflowers.net/ to take a closer look at the silk floral arrangements that are available right now. As you will see from the website there are arrangements for every occasion and you can also buy individual flowers that you can use to create your own arrangements. There are some very reasonably priced items on this website and if you order over $99.00 worth of goods you will benefit from free shipping.

Flower Mall

If you are planning a wedding and you are searching for discount silk flower arrangements you need to visit the Flower Mall website. The website is located here http://www.1888flowermall.com/ and on it you will find over 2,000 different types of silk flowers. There are silk flower arrangements, cheap single flowers, silk plants and so much more. In fact the stock on this website is so extensive that you should easily be able to find what you need here.

You might be looking for elegant silk flower arrangements that you can put in your home. If this is the case the Nearly Natural website which is located here http://www.nearlynatural.com/ has a fantastic choice. Not only can you find silk flowers on this website but many other products such as bamboo trees, silk trees, silk palms and so much more.

Bloom Bridal

Bloom Bridal sells silk flowers in bulk selections ideal for every type of wedding ceremony. The company has silk Anemones, Gebera Daisies, Peonies, Roses, Hibiscuses, Bird of Paradise flowers, Calla Lilies, Orchids, and Plumerias, among others. You can order discount bulk silk flowers for bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, floral centerpieces, floral rings, and you can place custom orders if you place your order well in advance. You can contact the company for a price quote. For more information visit http://www.bloombridal.com.


AFloral.com is another company offering a wonderful selection of silk flowers. You can shop by the type of flowers you are interested in buying, or you can shop by the color of the flowers you desire. AFloral.com sells floral wreathes, submersible flowers, silk roses, rose petals, real touch flowers, orchids, kissing balls, garlands, swags, greenery, and bushes. You can also find various branches, berry sprays, and more. The site has well over sixty plant varieties. AFloral.com offers a wholesale program for businesses seeking to order bulk silk flowers. Shipping rates vary depending upon the size of your order, and the company ships bulk silk flowers to residents of Canada and the US. For more information visit http://www.afloral.com/Silk-Flowers-Artificial-Flowers-Fake-Flowers.


DollarDays™ allows you to place silk flowers bulk orders for wholesale artificial flowers, artificial bouquets, and bulk artificial flowers. You can shop for single packs, closeout deals, sale items, or you can browse through new bulk silk flowers online. The shipping rate when you buy bulk silk flowers from DollarDays™ varies, depending upon where you reside and the monetary amount of your order. In the 48 contiguous states, an 18% shipping charge is applied to orders over $100.00. Anything under $100.00, a shipping rate of $19.95 is applied. Residents of Hawaii and Alaska are charged a 28% shipping charge, and residents of the UK, Canada, and Europe are also charged a 28% shipping rate in addition to tariffs and duties. DollarDays™ has an array of fake flowers, plants, and flower stems. For more information visit http://www.dollardays.com/wholesale-floral-stems.html.

G G Distributors Wholesale Floral & Craft

G G Distributors Wholesale Floral & Craft specializes in the sale of bulk silk flowers and craft supplies. The company also sells wedding accessories. Silk flower selections include well over sixty different categories to choose from when you are ready to buy bulk silk flowers. You can shop by the name of the discount bulk silk flowers you desire or you can shop by color. G G Distributors Wholesale Floral & Craft has a $5.95 flat shipping rate on all orders. While GG Distributors ships orders to any state in the US and Canada, the flat rate fee does not apply to residents living in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands or Canada; anyone living in the latter mentioned areas needs to call the company for a quote for shipping once an order is placed. Silk flowers bulk orders under $30.00 receive a 20% surcharge. The company demands a $30.00 order minimum. For more information visit http://www.gandgwebstore.com/.

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