Jewelry for the Mother of the Bride

The wedding day sends mixed emotions through the mother of the bride, which are both of extreme happiness and extreme sadness. This important day in everyone's life of the family was carefully planned for days, weeks and even months. Every single detail is carefully scrutinized and chosen in order to ensure that the spotlight is on the most important person of the day - the bride. For more information on bridal accents, please visit: www.weddingaccents.com.

Picking The Right Jewelry

The mother of the bride jewelry needs to be carefully picked in order to be elegant, classy and sophisticated without taking away anything from the bride's jewelry or duplicating it. Pearls are the number one choice that inspire elegance; they are subtle yet make a statement of class and refinement. Pearls compliment any dress attire and color so you don't need to worry about matching the same even though if you pick a strand of pearls that are ever so slightly a shade of your jacket or attire it will help keep the flow.

Diamonds or crystals make an appropriate choice as well however, it must just a drop, nothing flashy or over bearing your attire and/or the jewelry of the bride. Nordstrom offers a good choice for the mother of the bride jewelry in diamonds, crystals and pearls. You can find there both Majorca or cultured pearls in different styles and sets in order to match your personality and style. Nordstrom at: www.shop.nordstrom.com allows you to view beautiful designs online.

Compliment Your Look

In order to keep in tone with the festivities as well as with your position as the mother of the bride you will need to pick very carefully two sets of dresses, one for the official wedding and the other for the reception. Both need to be in concordance with the jewelry you are wearing and the event.

Usually the mother of the bride wears formal suit attire for the formal ceremony and an evening dress for the reception. You need to be adequate for the occasion at the same time not overpowering the bride. Depending on your dress you will need to pick the jewelry accordingly.

The Formal Reception

If you chose a formal suit you have two options of jewelry and they are as mentioned above pearls or diamonds however there is a third choice and that is of not wearing any jewelry at all. If your suit has a turtleneck blouse, a heavy collar or has other large accessories of its own not wearing any jewelry is appropriate as well. Remember your main goal on your daughter's wedding day is to be the hostess in the shadow not taking away from your daughter's big day.

The Evening Reception

Here a classy long evening gown can easily be accompanied by a long string of pearls or if you chose a strapless dress you can wear a four to five strand peal chocker as well. Again the target is that you want to be as elegant and classy as possible but not too flashy so you don't over power your daughter's own jewelry.

Accessorize And Match To Compliment Your Look

When choosing your jewelry you will need to pick earrings, bangles and rigs too that compliment one another and in order to do that you will need to take a few of your own features in consideration such as what suits you best; dangling earrings or studs, a few bangles of just a bracelet, the length of your neck, your height and weight and so on.

The key word for the mother of the bride is subtle and that is what all your clothes and jewelry should portray. Therefore, studs are suggested as earrings and as minimal other jewelry as possible such as one bangle or bracelet and one ring on each hand if possible. The mother of the bride jewelry can be brought as a set usually from the same store and at times better prices can be obtained when purchasing a whole set.

Where You Can Find Some Ideas

Sometimes it is very hard to choose what to wear and especially the jewelry for such an important day as is your daughter's wedding therefore I suggest start searching in time both online and in stores. Here are two sites, which I hope will give you some ideas of dresses, suits and jewelry and they are www.ultimatewedding.com or www.weddingsaccents.com.

There are also wedding planners who work not only with the bride but also with the mother of the bride in order to ensure that everything goes as planned. The wedding planners are exceptional as they have the experience and knowledge where to find the items you are looking for and at the best prices in town as that is their profession.

Your daughter's wedding day is a day you, your daughter and the entire family will never forget; every so often you will get together and recollect the great times you had, what you wore, how everything was like a dream and how you, the mother of the bride was always there in the shadow, classy and elegant standing tall in awe of your daughter.

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