Honeymoons with Wintry Romance

Are you planning a winter wedding to be followed by a romantic, memorable winter honeymoon? No need to feel limited in terms of options; winter honeymoons don't have to be confined by season. In fact, whether you prefer to vacation in a luxuriously warm, tropical destination or you intend to have your getaway honeymoon amid the snow-capped mountain regions, there is the perfect winter honeymoon destination ready and waiting for you!

Warm Climates verses Wintry Romance

Planning honeymoon travel doesn't have to be complicated by the issue of climate. Even if you have a winter wedding, you can certainly spend your honeymoon in an area that has a warmer climate. Let's face it; the cold, snowy days of winter are not necessarily considered "the perfect honeymoon choice" for everyone. Therefore, finding a honeymoon spot fixed in a warm location seems the most feasible option for many couples. In contrast, some couples prefer romantic winter nights and snowy days while on their honeymoon. The season of winter offers couples the unique opportunity to enjoy the joys of winter while they celebrate their new life together. In fact, many couples purposely seek out snowy regions for their honeymoon travel plans!

Things to Do on Your Winter Honeymoon

Climate doesn't really restrict what couples can do on their honeymoon either. If looking for excitement and great, recreational fun, couples can certainly enjoy all of the great activities that accompanies the onset of the winter season. For instance, if a couple shares a love for skiing, they can choose a honeymoon package vacation that includes the option to ski. A skiing honeymoon can be fantastically romantic—spending long, wintry nights by a fire place in a cabin and all day on the slopes proves to be an ideal honeymoon for ski lovers around the world. Plus, couples can ride on horse drawn sleighs; can engage in snowmobiling; and can just enjoy the winter scenery at their chosen honeymoon spot.

A winter getaway honeymoon can be planned for any location in the world. Traveling abroad seems ideal for some couples who want to explore culturally diverse civilizations and the like. France, Italy, England—just about anywhere in the world is an option for couples deciding on a winter honeymoon destination. Many honeymoon package vacations offer fine deals on travel and accommodations for honeymooners.

Where to Go on Winter Honeymoons

As mention earlier, the options available to couples looking to plan their winter honeymoon are limitless. Whether traveling abroad or remaining close to home, there are thousands of options that include the perfect accommodations for honeymooners. Ultimately it is up to the couple to decide where to spend their honeymoon—a decision that should be made together. It's important for couples to communicate, especially about how and where they should spend their honeymoon—remember the memories will last a life time for both of you and you wouldn't want to have bad memories associated with the most memorable experience of your life. As long as both people in the relationship are satisfied with their winter honeymoon decision, there is no doubt that they will enjoy themselves!

Consider this; if one person in a relationship doesn't really care for the cold weather and the other person in a relationship loves the cold and snow, there will be need for compromise when it comes to planning the honeymoon. Talk through options and meet each other halfway—you could spend one half of the honeymoon in a cold location and the other half in a warm location. In the end, it is important to ensure that each person in the relationship is happy with the final decision.

Popular Winter Honeymoon Options

Ski lodges are popular destinations for winter honeymooners. Many ski lodges are situated in the heart of a scenic area and the accommodations are conveniently located near shopping areas and recreational activities. Plus, many of the cabins offer easy access to Jacuzzis and fine dining facilities. Typical destinations include places like Aspen in Colorado, the Poconos in Pennsylvania; Lake Tahoe, California; Park City, Utah; Timberline in Oregon, or Snowshoe West Virginia. If couples are looking to travel outside of the 50 states, Canada has some great skiing options, or couples can plan a winter vacation in Europe.

A winter honeymoon can be a truly extraordinary experience. With proper planning, a winter honeymoon will serve as a wonderful reminder of your joyful union! Communication between couples is essential to pulling off the perfect honeymoon. Each person in the relationship needs to help in planning and coordinating, not just the wedding, but the honeymoon getaway plans as well. So, talk things over, explore options; talk to knowledgeable travel agents that can counsel you about honeymoon vacation packages and you are sure to have the time of your life!

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