Fast Wedding Planning

Fast wedding planning is a breeze if you know where to start. You must have a checklist and you must be willing to be flexible when it comes to fast wedding planning. You can have a lovely wedding that is less elaborate than a big wedding that costs thousands of dollars; the key to having the best fast wedding lies in the act of planning.

Planning For Fast and Easy Weddings

Fast and easy weddings are easy to pull off if you have everything in order and you can keep pace with all of the busy planning you will be involved in. You will want to create a fast wedding planning checklist to make your wedding planning go smoother. You will also want to keep a few wedding planning tips in mind as you go about planning your fast wedding.

Fast cheap weddings can be just as lovely as large expensive weddings that are planned months in advance. You will of course want to keep your planning super simple for the fast wedding. Fast weddings are easier to prepare if they are small and not as elaborate as a larger wedding. When it comes to a fast wedding simple and small is best; small guest lists, small wedding parties, and small budgets are the ingredients of nicely planned, fast, cheap weddings.

A formal wedding is far more difficult to plan for, so if you are choosing a fast wedding style, consider going casual or informal or semi-formal for your fast wedding. There will not be a lot of time for trying on dresses and tuxedos, and going to multiple fittings, so simplified, informal wedding attire is best. This does not mean you can't purchase a lovely wedding dress right off the rack and a few simple alterations can have you fitted perfectly into the dress in no time. Renting tuxedos can also be accomplished if you have enough time before your wedding date.

You might not be able to get the venue you have your eye on in a hurry, so make a list of several venues and wedding setting options that you can choose from as you plan. This way, you will have a backup plan if the venues you are looking into are already booked. Do not limit yourself in terms of venues either; you can get married right in your own home and have the loveliest wedding ever.

Finding music entertainment for your wedding at the last minute can prove cumbersome. You will not have time to listen to disc jockeys and bands to see how they perform. You have other options like using satellite radio to entertain at your wedding or you can gather a collection of romantic CDs to play as you celebrate your big day.

You may want to purchase flowers or make your own bridal arrangements to save some time. You can use fake flowers in your bridal bouquet, or you can go to the florist and purchase flowers for your wedding depending upon your budget. Bear in mind that false flowers last forever and you will always have the flowers to remind you of your wedding while real flowers only last a few weeks time. You do not have to spend a lot of money for wedding flowers either; carnations are lovely, and if you have a wildflower garden, you can get flowers from your backyard.


WeddingWire is a website where you can create your own fast wedding planning checklist. At WeddingWire you can sign up for a free account by providing your name, email address, and password creation. Your account allows you to create a profile about yourself, your fiancÚ, and you can even upload personal images of you and your fiancÚ. The site allows you to define your fast wedding budget, the number of people in your bridal party and the vendors you want to contact about your fast wedding too. You are then provided with a dashboard where you can create your fast wedding planning checklist yourself. You can add tasks to your checklist, you can remove tasks that are not relevant to your wedding planning endeavor, and you can print out the fast wedding planning checklist that you create. WeddingWire also provides you with other free wedding planning tools too. For more information about WeddingWire visit:


OneWed is another website that you can use to create a free fast wedding planning checklist. With this online application you can create a free fast wedding planning checklist which you can completely personalize. You can add tasks, create a wedding timeline, create a to-do list and you can edit, delete, and modify your wedding checklist entries. You can even add special notes to the list of tasks that you need to accomplish for your fast wedding, and you can filter your checklist categories for easier planning. You can also delegate some of the tasks to others so that everything you need to accomplish for your fast wedding gets accomplished with little hassle. For more information about OneWed visit:


Getmarried.com allows you to generate your own fast wedding planning checklist. The site offers you free access to wedding planning tools, tips from experts via videos which are accessible for free, discount offers on a variety of wedding necessities, articles, and more. You can plan your entire fast wedding via Getmarried.com, and the site makes it easy for you to shop online for everything you might need. You can also join the blogging community and communicate with others that are involved in wedding planning too. For more information about Getmarried.com visit:

Dress Up Your Wedding

Dress Up Your Wedding is a website offering a variety of wedding planning tools, including the chance to create your own fast wedding planning checklist. You can sign up for free, create an account, and you can make a guest checklist, a wedding planning checklist, and a wedding budget guide. The website also provides you with access to articles, shopping pursuits, and everything you need to make your wedding wonderful. For more information about Dress Up Your Wedding visit:

What You Should Include

In general, a fast wedding checklist will indicate to you all the things you need to accomplish for your wedding to be pulled off without a hitch.

Your checklist should include information on:


  • Plan your wedding budget and size
  • Choose the wedding date
  • Choose a wedding location
  • Choose wedding dress
  • Choose groom's attire
  • Choose the wedding rings
  • Choose the wedding jewelry (if desired)
  • Choose the wedding rings
  • Choose bridal party (if desired)
  • Choose witnesses (if no bridal party is chosen)
  • Make guest list (if having wedding guests)
  • Choose a wedding style (if desired)
  • Choose decorations
  • Choose a wedding cake
  • Contact clergy or judge
  • Choose foods and beverages for reception
  • Get wedding flowers
  • Choose wedding music
  • Choose clergy or civil servants to perform your wedding
  • Choose the hair dresser
  • Choose or creating invitations
  • Send out invitations
  • A detailed checklist for the week before, the night before, and the day of your wedding.
  • Honeymoon or getaway planning.


  • Choose the reception you want if you are going to have one
  • Deciding on food for the reception

Bear in mind that the closer your wedding date is to the immediate present the less time you have to plan your fast wedding. You will need to set a wedding date and state planning your fast wedding as soon as possible so you get everything you need taken care of accomplished before your big wedding day.

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