Easy Invitations For Weddings

When a bride is seeking invitations for weddings the choices can seem endless. There are hundreds of different styles of wedding invitations and you can order your invitations online. When ordering invitations you can shop for invites by the theme or by the primary colors you have in your wedding. For instance, if you are having a formal evening wedding and your bridal party will be wearing black and red attire, you can choose attractive wedding invites with red and black colors as the primary color scheme.

You can narrow down your invitation options by choosing cards that are environmentally friendly too; some companies specialize in printing invites on eco-friendly paper and with water based, non-toxic inks. Once you have narrowed down your design choices you'll want to order a sample of an invitation so you can see how the invite feels in your hand and how the colors look in the invite's design. If you are satisfied with the sample, you can begin thinking about how you will word your wedding invitations. Sites selling invitations for weddings sometimes offer wording samples so you can get a good idea about what information needs to be included and how you can word your invitations beautifully.

Before you place an order for invitations for weddings you are going to need to know how many guests you plan to invite to your affair. Make out a guest list and be sure that you order extras just in case you might of accidently missed adding a few people to the list or you decide to add a few more people after you've ordered the invitations.


EarthlyAffair.com is a site that sells environmentally friendly invitations for weddings. In addition to attractive invitations for weddings with your own personalized colors, you can order reply cards, enclosure cards, place cards, menus, save the date cards, thank you notes, website cards, and shower invites. If you desire, the company will send you a sample of the invitations you want to order. The invites are made on 100 percent post consumer cardstock so no trees are harmed in the manufacturing of your invitations. Envelopes are also made of recycled materials; these invites have less ink because white is the most desired recycled paper product. Your invites are printed via digital printing methods and all shipments of invitations for weddings are offset through CarbonFund.org. For more information visit http://www.earthlyaffair.com.

Invitations by Dawn®

Invitations by Dawn® sells a variety of invitations for weddings including invites with traditional, Disney®, summer, monogram, spring, autumn, Damask, western, beach, destination, rustic, hearts, peacock, floral, romantic, and modern themes. You can choose invites with a variety of color schemes as well including yellow, white, silver, red, purple, pink, orange, green, gray, gold, cream, Ecru, brown, blue, white, and black. Personalization options available include lined inner envelope colors, letter styles, flat print imprint colors, and thermography ink colors. If you desire, you can request a sample from Invitations by Dawn®. For more information visit http://www.invitationsbydawn.com/index.jsp.

Your wedding can stand out among friends, family, and co-workers starting with creative wedding invitations. From creative wording to unique colors, creative wedding invitations offer windows into a couple's personalities to hundreds of prospective guests.

Target Demographics For Creative Wedding Invitations

Couples under 30 years old flock to creative wedding invitations for a variety of reasons. These couples may not share the traditional views of weddings and wedding preparations as their parents. A young couple planning a non-traditional wedding can reflect this unique ceremony with a creative wedding invitation. Young couples have recent experiences in college art classes and entry-level jobs that may expose them to new design aesthetics. Couples under 30 years old also have wide networks of high school, college, and work colleagues with varying skills to make creative wedding invitations possible.

Another demographic where creative wedding invitations are popular is the thrifty couple of any age. Traditional wedding invitations writ large can cost thousands of dollars from a professional printer. While creative wedding invitations can be expensive, the greatest cost of completing these invitations is often time. Couples and their friends can commit hours each week to hand writing invitations, stuffing envelopes, and adding information in order to save money. As you create an invitation assembly line in your home, you might as well think of ways to turn your invitations into works of art.

Theater Posters

Icing on the Cake Designs© (http://www.icingdesigns.com/ceremony_invitations.htm) offers creative wedding invitations designed similar to a movie poster. These invitations use common poster templates to recreate wedding scenes including first dates and engagements. For example, a couple with a good sense of humor may use a romantic comedy poster as the "Save the Date" note. Your wedding turns into an affair to remember with theater poster invitations. Ambitious couples can create their own theater poster invitations in order to pique the interests of their guests.

The major debate between the bride and groom comes from choosing a movie genre for these creative wedding invitations. Couples might want to steer clear of difficult genres like low-brow comedies, science fiction, and animated features when using theater poster invitations. Your selection of a movie genre may be made easier when you toy around with invitation formats using graphic design software. For example, it may be easier to play around with a comedy poster using a light background rather than a police drama with a dark background. After creating a mock-up of the theater poster invitation, you should approach area printers and designers to determine the feasibility of such an invitation. These meetings should yield price quotes as well as samples to determine if a theater poster invitation is ideal for your ceremony. Once these invitations are sent out, couples are left to think of games, songs, and themed activities to extend their themes into the wedding ceremonies.

Chinese-Themed Invitations

983 Wedding© (http://www.983wedding.com) specializes in creative wedding invitations based on Chinese script and texts. These invitations simulate woodblock printing and delicate handwriting typical in Chinese texts from the past. The typical wedding invitation from 983 Wedding© features a Chinese symbol on the front, a beautiful design employed on all parts of the invitation and basic information. You can produce your own Chinese-themed invitations to set the tone for your wedding.

983 Wedding© makes it easy to get started on your Chinese-themed invitations with a wide variety of templates. After finding the right theme for your creative wedding invitations, you should reach out to local printers and art students to find the right designer. The wedding invitation industry may have some heavy hitters, but most invitations are completed by freelancers and part-time designers. Advertisements in school newspapers and online job sites can yield art students capable of screen printing your wedding invitations. As you work with your designer to create the invitations, it is important to maintain a consistent theme from your "Save the Date" notes to your thank you notes. This consistency will create a brand for your wedding, allowing guests to instantly recognize documents from your ceremony.

Couture Wedding Invitations

The term couture is often used in the fashion industry to define attire made with high-end materials to a specific client's needs. The Green Kangaroo Inc.© (http://www.tgkdesigns.com/browse/wedding/couture-wedding-invitations) is one of a handful of printing companies specializing in couture wedding invitations. Couture wedding invitations use found items, high-end paper, and elegant fonts to set your wedding apart from others. You can work carefully with a printer and designer to create couture wedding invitations reflective of your relationship.

Your ventures into couture wedding invitations should start by choosing symbols of your relationship. Whether it is an autumn leaf or fleur de lis, a couture wedding invitation can be built around this symbol. In addition to soliciting samples from a professional printer, you should seek out art students and young designers during the early stages of wedding planning. Exceptional freelancers may be able to provide couture wedding invitations at lower rates than professional printers without sacrificing quality. You should also search online for high-end paper and art supplies from wholesalers to keep your invitation costs low. After choosing a designer and printer, you will need to exercise patience, as couture invitations take a long time to complete.

Seasonal Wedding Invitations

Perhaps the simplest inspiration for your creative wedding invitations is the season of your marriage. Handcrafted by Sarah Pye© (http://www.prye.com/view/fun_funky_wedding_invitations.html) offers a wedding invitation called Fun Love in the Summer for summertime ceremonies. This invitation uses bright colors to recreate the blue sky, yellow sun, and green grass of the summer. Your creative wedding invitations need not be restricted to the summer season. No matter when you get married, you can create a creative wedding invitation based on the season.

Your seasonal wedding invitation starts when you choose your favorite images from a particular season. For example, a fall wedding can incorporate leaves and gourds to match the setting of the ceremony. After choosing images to recreate on the invitation, you need to find complementary font and background colors to recreate the season. Spring wedding invitations can incorporate pastel yellow backgrounds and pastel blue fonts to make the message stand out. Your seasonal wedding invitation can be topped off with a favorite poem or photo related to the season.

Creative Wording for Wedding Invitations
When you are searching for creative wedding invitations, you have a lot of options before you. You can buy creative wedding invitations and define your own wording, or you can make your own wedding invitations by hand.

Handmade Wedding Invitations: Things to Consider

Even if you are opting for handmade wedding invitations, you can be creatively inspired by viewing the different wedding invitations sold online.

Creative wedding invitations with creative wording are easy to put together after viewing a few samples, verses, poems, and quotations too. Whether you choose to buy creative wedding invitations or you ultimately decide to make your own invitations, you do not have to spend a fortune to get the invitations you desire.

What to Include in Creative Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation wording can be creative and you can definitely have creative wedding invitations, but there are certain elements that must be included in the creative wording on your invitation. The invitation must convey the right information so that your potential wedding attendees know where the wedding is, who it is that is getting married, and the time of the wedding. Therefore, you need to include the name of the bride, the name of the groom, the location of the wedding, the date of the wedding, and the time that the wedding begins. You can also include the name of the father of the bride and the mother of the bride, but this is usually done if the parents are the people sending out the invitations and wedding announcements.

Some Creative Wording for Wedding Invitation Ideas

You can theme your creative wedding invitations to the type of wedding you are having. For instance, if you are having a medieval style wedding, you can use creative wording for wedding invitations that are written in a medieval style. You can use words like "Lady" to announce the name of the bride, and "Sir" to announce the name of the groom, and you can use words like "thy" to give the wedding invitation a medieval flair. Printing the creative wedding invitations on parchment and sealing them closed with a waxed seal are other ways to give the invitations a medieval feel. For more details on creating creative wording for wedding invitations in medieval style visit All-About-Renaissance-Faires.com at:http://www.all-about-renaissance-faires.com.

If your wedding is more casual and you are looking for simple creative wording for wedding invitations, you can easily make wedding invitations that convey the informality of your wedding. You can create wedding invitations that are casual by using poems, by starting off the invitations with humorous or funny lines, and you can express the simplicity of your ceremony through simplistic writing styles. For more information on casual wedding invitation wording and casual creative wedding invitations visit Paper and More at:http://www.paperandmore.com/articles/wording_verses/.

To get creative wording for wedding invitations, all you need to do is view the different wedding invitations and verses online. You can check out creative wedding invitations and samples to get an idea of how you can word your invitations. You might want to combine the wording that you find on several wedding invitations, or you might want to add poetic verses, love poems, funny lines, or your favorite quotes and expressions to your wedding invitations too. When it comes to developing creative wedding invitation ideas, if you can imagine it, you can create it!

Where to Find Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas Online

If you are looking for creative wedding invitations ideas online, there are plenty of websites that can offer you assistance. You can get creative wording for wedding invitation samples, you can browse through creative wedding invitations and catalogs, and there are plenty of articles offering insightful information on how to create the best wedding invitations possible.


YourWedding101.com offers you great creative wedding invitation ideas and articles. You can read articles about wedding invitation etiquette, creative wording for wedding invitations, addressing wedding invitations, making your own wedding invitations, and how to save money on creative wedding invitations. YourWedding101.com also offers you articles about using thank you cards, save the date cards, and how to go about creating your wedding guest list. For more information about YourWedding101.com visit:http://www.yourwedding101.com/wedding-invitations/.

The Knot

The Knot is an excellent website for creative wedding invitation ideas. This website will introduce you to a variety of calligraphy styles, and it offers information about the different types of creative wedding invitations available. Visit The Knot to find out more about making your own homemade creative wedding invitations, creative wording for wedding invitations, and get inspired by the different invitations presented on the site. This website is an excellent wedding resource too since it gives you access to information on wedding planning, budget planning, flowers, reception ideas, wedding vows, cakes, invitations, etiquette, wedding songs, wedding favors, wedding attire, and various wedding checklists. Visit the knot for more information at:http://www.theknot.com/wedding-photos/.

DVD Wedding Invitations™

DVD Wedding Invitations™ is a website offering a very creative method for sending out your wedding invitations. You can have a DVD created with your invitation, photos, and video clips that is accompanied by a printed form of your wedding invitation. The DVD adds a special flair to your invitation! Your potential guests can see photos and videos of the soon-to-be-wed bride and groom as children, together as a happy couple, and family photos and videos can be incorporated into the invitation. The DVD serves as a lasting memory for your future wedding guests too. Music is also added to the DVD presentation to bring the images presented to life. Your printed creative wedding invitation will also convey the wording you desire and you can choose from four different laser print styles for your creative wedding invitations. The site also offers digital thank you notes, and photo montages. You can even have the company mail out all of your invitations to your guests for you and you can save yourself some time by not having to mail them for yourself. For full details about DVD Wedding Invitations™ and the creative wedding invitations offered by the company visit: http://www.dvdweddinginvitations.com.

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